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I’m Cheyne and this is my blog.

I’m currently gathering stories for a project and want to hear your story or a story that you know and have come to love and cherish. I want to know if you grew up in a foster home, if you didn’t have a home, if your family’s house burned down in a fire, if your great grandparents built the house your family lives in, if your brothers or sisters have passed away, if your work is your home or your home is your work, if the road is your home. Tell me your stories or someone’s story you have come to know and love. Full disclosure. Email me at or write me here to get in contact with me. Share with me something that has changed who you are, and be sure to include where you live.

I do not claim ownership to any of these images unless otherwise stated. If any images are incorrectly credited or uncredited, please contact me at and I will happily correct the accreditation or remove the image.

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