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I keep hoping Patrick Rothfuss is going to pull a Beyonce and be like, “SURPRISE HERE’S DOORS OF STONE ALL READY FULLY STOCKED GO PICK ONE UP WHEREVS YOU PLEASE.”


Yes she had me when she was 2.

I just spent 90 minutes on the elliptical and then ate a double scoop of ice cream.


YES i saw, but like…… that just means he’s putting off the release of book 3 with all the Auri BS. and ALSO, it’s not like he’s going to give up any precious information in her book so really WHAT ARE WE GETTING…….. I JUST NEED TO KNOW WHERE DENNA IS AND WHAT’S BEHIND THE FUCKING DOOR AND IF THE CTHEAH IS ON CRACK AND WHY HE CAN’T OPEN THE CHEST AND IF DENNA’S PATRON IS A CHANDRIAN ADN WHAT THE FUCK BAST IS DOING AND A WHO HE KILLS?? IS IT SIMMON? AND JUST A MULTITUDE OF OTHER. THINGS.